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Thanks to 170° of even light dispersion that goes where you do. Whether your work takes you under a cabinet or crawlspace, or to an attic or the outdoors, the SysLite’s robust build and shock-resistant body is easy to carry and designed to perform when you need it most. Six high-efficiency, LED bulbs will provide even, consistent light for up to four hours on a single charge, longer when paired with a Festool battery, and without interruption when plugged directly to a power source. Find a Festool dealer.

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Compact and Rugged.

Built to handle the toughest you can throw at it, the SysLite features a rugged case and nearly indestructible LED lights, so you won’t ever have to worry about breaking or replacing bulbs.

Bright work lamp

Unbelievably Bright.

The SysLite delivers an even, balanced light source, casting a brilliant and consistent white light, so you can examine the smallest details in close quarters, or take a few steps back to look at the big picture.

Work lamp power options

Power Options.

The SysLite features a long-lasting internal battery as its main power source, but can be easily charged or run with the included wall and car chargers, or used with a compatible Festool battery as an auxiliary power source to the internal battery.

Cool work lamp

Keep Your Cool.

Unlike halogen work lights, the SysLite stays cool by using high intensity LEDs. This means you don't sweat getting under cabinets or in confined spaces. Even after hours of use, the LEDs remain completely cool which means you do, too.

Work lamp hook

Just Hanging Around.

The SysLite LED Worklamp is compact enough to be handheld, lay it on its side, mount it on a tripod or hang it from the integrated hook. Each of three sides offer a different angle at 10°, 15° or 30°, putting light right where you need it.

Work lamp warranty

Buy With Confidence.

Festool stands behind its products and the SysLite LED is backed by our exceptional three year warranty should you ever have problems with it. You can also try the SysLite risk free since we offer a 30-day no-hassle money back guarantee.